Elmore County 9-1-1 - Outstanding 9-1-1 Program

Elmore County 9-1-1: “Outstanding 9-1-1 Program” Award

The Elmore County E9-1-1 office has successfully demonstrated how the transition to IP and VoIP within a PSAP can improve public safety, slash costs, and increase control of 9-1-1 operations. This leadership and vision not only helps improve the safety of Elmore County residents, by demonstrating a successful model that can be replicated around the country, it can help improve the lives of all Americans.

When over 36 PSAPs had problems with 9-1-1 calls during and after Katrina, it highlighted the need for an IP-based emergency network enabling calls to be easily rerouted to other call takers if one PSAP fails or is unable to handle the sheer volume of emergency calls. Elmore County had the vision and leadership necessary to answer the call for future emergency services today and is demonstrating what America’s emergency service leaders are actively working toward – the development of a feature rich IP-enabled emergency response system.