Addressing is Very Important

addressnumbers.jpgFor the last several months you may have seen all the flyers in businesses around Elmore County reminding everyone of the importance of marking your address whether it be in the heart of the city or in the rural areas.  When you pull in your driveway think  "

can first responders see my address, can they find my home if I had an emergency?"

When the weather changes, fire accidents increase whether it be in your house or that brush pile you are burning.  Fire departments need your addresses marked to be able to locate you.  As one citizen stated “that’s not a problem they can follow the smoke”.  That may work unless your emergency is a heat attack or other medical emergency.    


Signs can be purchased at the E9-1-1 Administrative office.  8935 US 231 Room 188, Wetumpka. ( we are in the judicial building).


9-1-1 Education at Wetumpka Development Center

group1-wetumpka.jpg  group2-wetumpka.jpg

We love teaching - especially little ones. We had the pleasure of teaching students from the Wetumpka Development Center last summer and what a blast. These little minds had so many good questions. Here is an example that we want to share with all of you.  How would you would have answered these questions?

Female age 5 : "If my house catches on fire and I have my little brother with me but my mommy and daddy do not wake up what should I do?"  The first instinct was to tell her to “take your little brother and run”, but after thinking a few moments we gave her this suggestion.

“Go home and talk to mommy and daddy - tell them you want to make a fire plan”  Have them show you what they want you to do “but remember mommy and daddy always want you to be safe”.  We wonder if mommy and daddy gave her a plan and peace of mind?


9-1-1 Cares about YOU

We have begun our addressing endeavor.  On Monday Aug 27th you will see signs at CVS and Walgreens advertising the following message:

9-1-1 Cares about YOU


Save ur life or that of ur family,
Address ur home and mailbox.
Purchase ur sign by calling

334.567.0911 TODAY

This message is our attempt at the 9-1-1 Administrative office to not only save your life but help first responders find you.  We are continuing our drive to help find you when you call for police, medical or fire units.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are found in a timely fashion.  This is our passion but we need your help, if you read this message on our web spread the word, tell people about the address signs, we would love to have all 70,000 citizens' houses marked.  A large goal but attainable.


Public safety personnel & Olympic athletes have a lot in common

Cindra Dunaway, Lee County Florida

Watching the Olympics this week reminds me of how much these athletes train and prepare for their events. They unite the country with a fever that rivals fans that can be found at most college campuses, hockey rinks, baseball fields and NASCAR tracks around the nation! It’s almost like Fourth of July with all the red, white and blue that you see. In our center, our managers allowed us to wear red, white or blue this past weekend to show our Olympic spirit. Our televisions have been tuned in day and night on all the sporting events, and we all eagerly watch the medal count daily.


Map book page updates available on-line

Updated pages and the street index are now posted on-line for easy download. Notice the Map link on the main menu, as new updates are available they will be added to the page


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